The Map of Humanity

by Benjamin Hammond

The map in the coming link is a really interesting one (click here). As you may have noticed, it is no map of a real geographical place. It is called ‘The Map of Humanity’. It is a map documenting human history and the avenues that humans have explored and discovered. It shows our trials and successions, our actions and beliefs. When I found it, I was quite excited. What a fascinating way to record or document anything. It was assembled by professors in History, Philosophy, Sciences, Literature, and a computer too offered some help.

Take a look at some of the locations. I find it interesting that the largest continent holds names such as ‘Abomination’, ‘Hedonism’, ‘Hate’, and ‘Destruction’. Perhaps because these things are what we, as humans, have to show for ourselves in our history? The capital of the land mass ‘Hedonism’ is ‘Gomorrah’. Gomorrah is considered, in the Bible to be one of the two most abominable cities in history alongside Sodom because they just did whatever pleased them. That is the fundamental basis of Hedonism. Sodom can be found on this map elsewhere in the ‘country’ of Lust.

One of the countries on the largest land mass is called Zealotry. The capital of Zealotry is Tehran. Tehran is a real city today, and is the capital of Iran. The word ‘Zealot’ is a name for a person who is fanatical and uncompromising when it comes to their religious beliefs. This word can be related to Tehran and Iran. The city is highly associated with zealotry in western culture, as the middle east is well known for apparent fanatical attitude – especially with the Islamic faith.

Another one of the countries is called, Tyranny. The capital of Tyranny is Moscow (the capital of Russia). Again, there are associations between Moscow and Tyranny, and it’s history supports the reasons that this city would be categorised as such. Russia is recognised as an old communist nation. It is no longer communist, but it used to be. It has had leaders that have reigned in Moscow, and have made the citizens of Russia subject to Tyranny. One of the most famous of these would probably be Joseph Stalin – general secretary of the communist party of the Soviet Union.

To the right of the largest continent is ‘Fool’s Paradise’, of which one of the cities is Babel – a renowned city for being foolish (Old Testament). On the top right of the map, under the words, ‘Oceanus Cognitum’ is a small island called, ‘Workaholic Island’. The capital of this island is Tokyo. Tokyo is one of the worlds leading economic cities at the moment, and also one of the most (if not the most) densely populated cities. It is so because of how productive it is. The worlds leading economic cities (London, New York, Tokyo, Berlin) have an extremely active night life – because work does not really stop. Tokyo is, to say the least, one of the cities that does not stop working.

Look at the land mass that reads, ‘Reason’ and ‘Ingenuity’. It has a district called ‘Disney’! How wonderful. Over to the left of that, the land mass that reads ‘Wisdom’ is a bunch of amazing stuff! In the district of ‘Wonder’ are cities such as New York, Venice and London. In the Imagination district we have the Land of Oz and the Shakespearean Mountains. In the district of Truth is the city of Zion and the Jesus Penninsula. We also have Narnia in the district of Freedom, and Ghandi’s Basin in the district’s of Dreams, Tranquility and Hope. The city of Tel Aviv (a famous Israeli city) in the district of Goals.

This is such a fascinating map! My understanding is that it is constantly being updated and changed to make it more accurate and detailed. I shall not explain or describe anything to you any longer, but I urge you to take a look yourself. Maybe one day you will have such an effect on the world that you will find the imaginary world you created on this map. Or maybe your name will have it’s own mountain range. Who knows? Maybe not, but there are more important maps to be found on – so do not fret.