by Benjamin Hammond

Hello folks. I thought it would be rather silly not to post about Christmas. So I decided to make a post about the thoughts I have towards Christmas concerning the original reason for the season, and the current reason for the season.

If you are a Christian, you will know the reason for the season of Christmas. It is there to commemorate the birth of our King and Saviour, Jesus. If it wasn’t for Him, we wouldn’t know the peace we do today, and the impending joy when time ends. The fact that he has saved us from our deserved destination (eternity in a place without God’s presence – hell) is something to celebrate. We celebrate the man (God) who brought this about.

The next point is to identify the current reason for the season. Why is Christmas ultimately celebrated today? Because it has become recognised as a cultural holiday and relaxation period. It is a time for people to step out of their daily routine and indulge. For many it is the time where they ‘get to do what they want’. As far as I understand, this is why Christmas is celebrated today. We give and get gifts, we watch T.V. and we listen to festive music. What human in our society doesn’t find that attractive?

Now, I will analyse. As much as I enjoy the current reason for the season, or the reason Christmas is celebrated today, it saddens me that the real reason has been forgotten. It is such a loss. Jesus came to bring us peace and fellowship with Him – nothing could be more joyful. Yet as Christmas approaches, we seek joy in indulgence and greed. We celebrate the current reason for the season in excess, rather than balancing the current reason and the original reason. We fall short of the joy that we could have when we forget why Christmas came about. Christ. The whole reason for Christmas. C.S. Lewis writes:

Adherents of Xmas are exhausted & overextended but Christmas worshipers are joyful.

I worship the Christ of Christmas, rather than remove Him and replace Him with ‘X’. That’s extremely dangerous, because we don’t know the value of X – and in the spiritual world when Christ is taken out of the equation, ‘X’ can’t be anything good.

To conclude, by all means, have a lot of turkey, enjoy the television, get excited about presents and sing a long to the music. But primary to this, adore and worship Jesus, the saviour of the world. That doesn’t mean you should keep him in the back of your mind during the season, but include Him in everything you do, talking to Him and thanking Him all the time. And when the tree is dead and chucked out, He’ll still be there by your side, and you’ll still be able to involve Him in every activity and routine. And so now, on Boxing Day, although the indulgence has ended, and the presents have been opened, the chocolate has been eaten, and the turkey violently consumed, the real joy of Christmas still resounds in my heart, because Jesus didn’t die for us so that we could remember Him on one single day. He died that we might have Him, and He have us for eternity. When you’re a Christian, and when you know Jesus, everyday is Christmas day (as the famous song has it) because we celebrate the original reason for the season. Do you want it to be Christmas everyday? Then focus on the Christ in Christmas.