by Benjamin Hammond

I just want to write about something that is a matter in question/issue for many people including myself. It happens to most Christians, if not all. It is the issue of forgetting God. It’s a sad thing that happens sometimes – we drift away from God.

The cause for this is primarily where you direct your focus and attention. The world we live in is an extremely hostile environment spiritually. It is riddled with distractions and traps set by satan. I’ve raised the issue of distraction, and the issue of worship before on this blog. There are distractions around every corner… there are so many things in this world for us to worship – so many things to take our eyes off God. All it takes is for something to grab the best part of your attention, or the best part of your day.

We live on a battlefield. Satan wants us and God wants us. Who gets us is up to us. There are many times when a Christian who is full of God’s love and filled with the Holy Spirit can drift away from God. All he needs to do is move his focus from God, and onto the telly. All he needs to do is say… no I’m not going to read the Bible tonight… I’m going to play on the PS3. God loves for us to do these things. He wants you to play on your PS3 or watch your telly. He gave them to you for you to enjoy. But when you give these things your time and devotion – God becomes more and more distant, and it’s not Him who’s moved.

I understand what it is like to drift from God, because it has happened so many times. It was just small things like the ceasing of prayer. Then I soon stopped reading the Bible. Then God doesn’t become part of my day. And I find that I am depressed and sad and angry. You may ask, “Where’s God” – but it should be God asking, “Where are you?”. Give your time to God if you want to return.

When you wake up, thank Him that you live to see another day. Think about how He is there with you. He has been watching over you all night, and now He is ready to spend a day with you. Let Him. Read His word, and let it sink in. Meditate on it. Pray – ask Him to help you include Him in all the days activities, and for anything else you want to talk to your best friend about. This sets the tone for the day. Throughout the day – be reminded that He is always there. You can still live your day the way you would, the only difference is… you’re spending it with God! He’s way cooler than Tinie Tempah, Eminem, Steven Gerrard, or Thom Yorke – I assure you. Find out for yourself. :)

God isn’t the kind of person to be taken out of a box every now and again when needed. God is a life changing soul-mate. When we drift away from Him – life gets a whole lot harder. If you feel like you’ve drifted away – make God the centre of your universe, and everything will fall into orbit wonderfully.