by Benjamin Hammond

Everybody worships something. Everybody has an idol – a figure to which one pays special attention. When we worship something, we give it a considerable, perhaps most of our time. We often dedicate a large amount of our thoughts to it, meditating on it day and night. We will soon begin to speak of this thing to other people – friends and family, as our excitement and love for this thing bubbles over, giving it glory. Soon enough, we will begin to even root ourselves in whatever it is we worship. It will then begin to dictate what we do. It will begin to rule our lives, as we imitate it, and take commands from it. We will grow and grow in it, and feed on it, moving in this direction at high speeds as we become more and more acquainted. Eventually, we will become like it, allowing the fruit it gives to manifest in our lives and even our very being. We will become one with it. Therefore, I leave this challenge with you, reader, and myself:

Be careful what you worship.